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Sensual Healing - Essential Oil Blend

Is your sexuality in need of a breakthrough?

Having trouble letting go of the past and the stories it wants to tell about the traumas in your life? 

 A P H R O D I S I A C • E M P O W E R • A T T R A C T

The Tantric magic of this exotic blend is designed for those seeking to heal and restore their sacred sexuality. Originating in ancient folklore to entice love, romance and abundance, this recipe is designed to be used in meditation to bring closure to old relationship wounds, remove the energy of past lovers and call your highest sexual self back to you.

Its clean, spicy fragrance helps to cleanse, refresh and strengthen the heart, allowing to wearer to approach new relationships from a new place of radical SELF LOVE. 

EMPOWER your Divine Sexuality

RELEASE all that no longer serves

ATTRACT true love

Fall in love with yourself again 

Includes self-love Affirmations to use during your essential oil RITUAL.



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