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Healer's Blend - Essential Oil

Calling all Wizards and Lightworkers

Healers and Energy-twerkers


Brujas with the brews over open flame

Herbalists and Plant-talkers who know the Plants' names: 

• This grounding and stimulating essential oil blend is for you •

We understand our place as conduits of healing energy and we are constantly digesting the weight of the world in our practice. We stand at the front lines of all the pain and rage pent up in our people and we cast it out into the darkness where we hold it with the spells in our magic. We lead the way through the dark paths of our pain and misery to find the healing power present in each of us. We learn to speak languages we could never put into words... But for those connected with Gaia, you hear the ancient Mother in our voice. 

This blend is intended to balance the 7 chakras when used properly in meditation. To restore our lost power back to us and call our higher selves to speak to us clearly again. To aid in rejuvenating our depleted energy stores, casting a full and unbroken circle around us once again.

To renew our intentions of healing and peace to the universe. 

Includes AFFIRMATIONS to use during your essential oil RITUAL.



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