"Ground Yourself Here" Portland Vinyl Sticker

"Ground Yourself Here" Portland Vinyl Sticker

We love our coffee and it shows since we have one of the highest coffee houses per capita in the nation. We enjoy and appreciate all the things about coffee. Where is the bean from? Is it organic or fair trade? How was it roasted and is it a latte or pour over? Then we sit in said coffee house and appreciate the moment. Gounded. :)


This sticker is made from high quality weather resistant vinyl. That means it’s perfect for water bottles, car bumpers, laptops, phone covers, journal covers, wherever! Long-lasting in the dishwasher or the outdoor elements.


The artist, Dawn Furstenburg lives right here in Portland, OR.

She loves coffee, cats and creating.

Her artwork is a favorite of both locals and tourists alike, her full collection is exclusively found inside our store and online right here at www.PDXchange.net.

Instagram - @settledawn