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An Interview with the artist:

What Inspires you to create? 

My inspiration is really just giving life to my doodles. I started drawing weird skulls and they've just grown from there. I also strive to make affordable art, because it shouldn't just be for folks with lots of money.

How long have you been creating?

I've been making woodcuts for only about three years, though I've been an artist in some form my whole life.

What are some goals for this year?

My 2021 goal is to improve my screenprinting abilities. I've started with some shirts so far with mixed results. I want to start using screenprinting on woodcuts eventually.

What is your typical creative process when completing a project?

My process is straight forward. I doodle up an idea and then transfer it to a hand cut and sanded piece of wood. I use spray paint, acrylics, and decoupaged manga pages to add gnarly texture to the background and then do the line work on that. The process sounds easy but it is a surprising amount of work.

What’s your favorite album/musical artist currently?

My favorite musical artist is always Modest Mouse. While I dabble in just about everything, that's a long-standing source of creative energy for me.

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